Organize online events at your own online location

Online Event Venue – Watch the demo now!

Are you looking for a platform where you can organize your event? PurPur has a unique online location with a live experience. View the possibilities in our demo.

Within the platform, guests move freely in the online location of your choice. They also participate in a program that we put together: a mix of topics, keynotes, break-outs, exhibition floor. Includes interactive tools. The number of visitors is unlimited and at the end of the event you have direct access to all visitor reports.

At the moment there is a choice between a cost-effective standard experience or a fully branded and specially designed environment. The functionality and interactive experience of the online location gives participants and exhibitors the opportunity to engage in conversation. Via video or via chat.

The Online Event Venue offers companies participating in the event the opportunity to set up a stand. This is a virtual exhibition hall where visitors and exhibitors meet. There is also a network lobby where visitors can meet.

This is one of the online event solutions that PurPur has. Interested in other online event solutions check them out here!

Features Online Event Venue:

  • Invitation and registration integrated in the platform
  • Log in securely if necessary
  • Dynamic platform, adaptable to your specific event
  • Flexible partner expo, enables partners to get the most out of the event
  • Detailed reports of visitor movements during the event
  • Easy to adapt to your brand and your partners
  • Unlimited creativity with regard to environments and exhibitions
  • Breakouts for a better visitor experience
  • Chat between participants and between participants and exhibitors
  • Mix of streamed and pre-recorded presentations

  • Interact with participants through surveys, polls, chats and games / Mentimeter integrated into the platform
  • Suitable for both external congress / trade fair and internal event
  • Online events of half a day / full day or several days
  • Full freedom of movement to participate in what interests them
  • Ability to create a completely exclusive experience for your brand that can be reused time and time again
  • Infinite number of participants
  • Unlimited number of plenary sessions and break-outs
  • Limitless number of exhibitors on the exhibition floor
  • One-on-one meetings between visitors