Online events

Online events: a good alternative and a strong addition to live

Online events

When it comes to business events, we know one thing for sure: live events will definitely return. After all, we experience every day that people need people around them to be able to inspire, connect and achieve goals. However, the current situation has allowed us to look even better at all possible digital forms of organizing an event. We can now conclude that online events can no longer be ignored and can offer a very good alternative. And soon a very valuable addition to a live event. We know all the possibilities of live like no other. The possibilities of online events are just as versatile.

Online requires a different approach

Organizing an online event is very comprehensive and requires a different approach than a live event. Not least because the attention span that a person can muster online is significantly lower than with a live experience. This means that you have to look at your content in a different way. It is a misconception to think that what you do live can be done online. You have to make choices in your content. Keeping your goals even tighter, your timing, variation. Thinking about studios or other locations, technology, streaming your content, the platform you want to use. And so on …

Online is simply indispensable. A lot is being developed, there is a lot to be advised about and we are far from finished. Below we explain 2 variants with an online component.

Hybride event

Een hybride event is een combinatie van een live event en een online event. Waarbij het online gedeelte van het evenement méér moet zijn dan alleen een live videostream.

Online Event

Een online event is een evenement waarbij de content (informatie, kennis, motivatie etc.) in een digitale omgeving wordt gedeeld. Inclusief mogelijkheden tot activatie en onderlinge interactie.