Hybride event – ENGELS

A hybrid event is a combination of a physical (live) event and an online event. In a hybrid event, the online part of the event must be more than just a live video stream. There must be interaction. Because you want to keep stimulating the external participants and keep them involved. When handled properly, a hybrid event can generate up to ten times more reach compared to an event that only takes place live. It’s all about the experience that you offer the participants online. And how you connect your live and online audience through your programming.

Hybrid event programming

The programming for the live audience and the online audience does not have to be the same. You can offer the content in a different way for both target groups. After all, a live audience asks for different stimuli than an online audience. They experience the event in a different way. Here you can make strong combinations of live and online.


Experience – Provide a dynamic image of the event location for the online participants.

Attention – The online participants must be actively involved in the live event by means of interactive tools that can be deployed in real time.

Connect offline with online – Thanks to a convenient chat or live video connection, the offline and online participants can connect with each other.

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